Local Voices S3 E5: Susan Cervantes

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In the early 70’s Cervantes was influenced by the Mujeres Muralistas, the first women’s mural collective in the Mission District. Inspired Susan continues to practice the collaborative process as a key to community awareness and positive transformation

Susan Kelk Cervantes is an artist, educator, and veteran of the SF community mural art movement. She is the founding director of Precita Eyes Muralists in the Mission District of San Francisco. Established in 1977, Precita Eyes is one of only a handful of community mural arts centers in the United States creating over 600 murals locally and internationally. Cervantes is responsible for numerous collaborative community murals considered some of the finest in the Bay Area such as Leonard Flynn Elementary School, Mission Playground Pool, Precita Valley Community Center, Bayview Foundation, San Francisco Women’s Building, and many others. 

Learn more about Susan Cervantes and the work of Precita Eyes Muralists.

group of kids in front of their mural

Precita Eyes Muralists, Charles Drew Elementary School Tile Mosaic and Acrylic Painting Project, 2011. Photo Courtesy of Susan Cervantes.

mural of a man with light behind him and other figures marching behind him

Susan Cervantes, Si Se Puede, 1995.

building with colorful mural

Precita Eyes Muralists, Community Spirit and Legacy of Precita Eyes. Photo Courtesy of Susan Cervantes

woman standing next to a mural of a face

Precita Eyes Muralists, Presente: A Tribute to the Mission Community Mural, 2015. Photo Courtesy of Susan Cervantes

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