Michelle Erickson: Wild Porcelain

November 17, 2021

Sculptures by the artist Michelle Erickson

This short film features independent ceramic artist and scholar Michelle Erickson. Shot in her studio in Virginia, this video presents an intimate look at Erickson's unique approach to ceramic arts that blend traditional colonial era techniques and contemporary social, political, and environmental themes. This film also offers a glimpse of the work Erickson produced specifically for Bay Area audiences and her latest exhibition, Wild Porcelain, at the Legion of Honor.

About the filmmakers

Sean D. Johnson is an award-winning international producer and director with an acute awareness and championship of diverse perspectives. Sean and his team bring life to the nuances of the human experience through film, video production, and sound design.

This film is a collaborative effort between Sean and Bay Area-based creative agencies Supervillain and Idle Matter.