Pottery in Nampeyo and the Sikyátki Revival exhibition at the de Young

Installation view of Nampeyo and the Sikyátki Revival, de Young, San Francisco, 2021. Photograph by Randy Dodson, courtesy of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Nampeyo and the Sikyátki Revival

Celebrating the artistic ingenuity of Nampeyo, famed Tewa-Hopi potter, the de Young museum presents an installation of 32 pots from the collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. During her lifetime, Nampeyo (ca. 1860 – 1942) was, and remains today, perhaps the most renowned potter from the American Southwest. The single-gallery exhibition highlights Nampeyo’s work, juxtaposed with examples of Hopi pottery from her time. Exquisite ceramics made by ancestral Hopi artists demonstrate Nampeyo’s sources of inspiration, and artworks by four generations of her descendants attest to the master potter’s enduring legacy.

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