The Mending Project

Two people sitting at a long table mending clothing in front a wall with spools of thread

Lee Mingwei (American, b. Taiwan, 1964), The Mending Project, 2009–present. Mixed media interactive installation. Tables, chairs, thread, fabric items, Dimensions variable. Photograph courtesy of Mori Art Museum. Photograph by Yoshitsugu Fuminari

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In The Mending Project (2009–present), Lee Mingwei uses the simple act of sewing as a means to connect and share an experience. Visitors are invited to bring items of clothing in need of repair that Lee Mingwei or his designated host will mend and embellish. The mending is done with the idea of celebrating and commemorating the act of repair. This conscious embrace and highlighting of the fabric’s scar(s) speaks to the emotional work of mending as a means to deal with trauma and loss. Select garments will be chosen and added to a growing installation of items connected by thread to spools on the wall. 

Activation times

  • Sun, Feb 18–Sun, July 7: Tues–Sun, 11 am–3 pm
  • Sat, Feb 17, Sat, Mar 23, Sat, May 4, and Tues, Jun 4–Sun, Jun 9: 10 am–4 pm

This installation is part of the exhibition Lee Mingwei: Rituals of Care.

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