Kabuki Performance by Nakamura Gankyō

Eastern and Western Traditions of Japanese Dance

Kabuki performer

Image credit: John Corney

Join us for a Kabuki performance by Nakamura Gankyō, also known as Bandō Hirohichirō, assistant professor of Asian studies at California State University, San Bernardino. This performance will include live Koto and Kurokami music by Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto and Brian Mitsuhiro Wong.


  • Agauta Echigo-jishi (Lion Dance from the Echigo Province): 12 minutes
  • Koto music (to be determined): 15 minutes
  • Jiuta Kurokami (Black Hair): 8 minutes

About the performers

  • Nakamura Gankyō, also known as Bandō Hirohichirō, is a Kabuki performer, lecturer, and advisor (notably, for Signature Theatre’s 2023 Pacific Overtures).

    Nakamura Gankyō during a performance

    Image courtesy of John Corney

  • Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto is a Koto musician, teacher, band leader, filmmaker, and event producer.

    Shirley Muramoto

    Image courtesy of Kirk Kanesaka

  • Brian Mitsuhiro Wong is a Koto, shakuhachi, and shamisen musician, singer, and composer.

    Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

    Image courtesy of Kirk Kanesaka

Ticket info

Free. Seating is limited and unassigned. Tickets for the performance will be distributed in front of the Gunn Theater starting at 10 am, first come, first served. This does not include admission to the museum. 

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