ESPP Student Art Display

Teacher instructing students in art activity at the de Young

ESPP Community Artist Natalie Palms teaching 1st and 2nd grade students

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View student artwork from our Equity School Partnership Project, including K–5 classrooms from Oakland Unified School District and San Francisco Unified School District. 

Through our Equity School Partnership Project (ESPP), we work hand in hand with community-based artists, museum educators, and K–5 teachers and students to co-develop customized arts curricula and programming. 

The project provides support for in-classroom arts instruction, art supplies, and transportation for students and families to visit the de Young or Legion of Honor, as well as for museum partnerships with community-based organizations. 

Students, teachers, and museum staff have collaborated with community-based artists in eight classrooms across the Bay Area to curate the ESPP Student Art Display.

Proceeds from de Youngsters Day Out support our Equity School Partnership Project with the San Francisco Unified School District and Oakland Unified School District.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco thank the following students, teachers, and local Bay Area artists for their collaboration: 

1st + 2nd grade students from SF Public Montessori 

  • Natalie Palms (Community Artist) 
  • Lillian Louie + Donna Luu (SFUSD) 

2nd grade students from Cesar Chavez Elementary 

  • Alejandra Rubio (Community Artist) 
  • Natalia Anciso (SFUSD)

2nd grade students from Tenderloin Community School

  • Sophia Mitty (Community Artist) 
  • Irma Nugroho (SFUSD)

2nd + 3rd grade students from Washington Carver Elementary

  • Charlena Wynn (Community Artist)
  • Sydney Dow + Eric Dolan (SFUSD)

3rd grade students from Ulloa Elementary

  • Sen Mendez (Community Artist)
  • Anni Wen (SFUSD)

3rd + 4th grade students from Grass Valley Elementary

  • Timothy B. (Community Artist)
  • Quincy Perez (Guest Photographer)
  • Aracely Sifuentes-Ordaz + Rasheedah Jones (OUSD)

4th grade students from Think College Now! 

  • Helen Ghebreyesus (Community Artist + OUSD Arts Educator)
  • Jason Masoud Boni (OUSD)
  • Gabriel Cortez (Guest Teaching Artist)

This event takes place during de Youngsters Day Out 2024, open to every Bay Area family, free of charge. Learn more.

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