Chaque souffle une danse (Each Breath a Dance) Performance

Mingwei Chaque Souffle Une Danse 2024 2

Lee Mingwei, Chaque souffle une danse (Each Breath a Dance), 2024–present. Performance installation with sumi ink on alabaster slabs, stands, and candles. Dimensions variable. Each slab 30 x 23 cm. Design of stand in collaboration with Desai Chia Architecture. Performer: Liu I-Ling. Photo courtesy of Lee Studio. Photograph by Lin Wei-Lung

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Chaque souffle une danse (Each Breath a Dance, 2024) reflects on the physical and social threats that the simple act of breathing has come to embody since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd’s murder. For this artwork, Lee Mingwei concluded his daily meditation practice by placing a few droplets of sumi ink on an alabaster slate as the sun set, spreading the ink over the surface with several contemplative breaths.

Due to building fire codes, this work will be presented at the de Young as a video installation beginning on April 9. Video duration: approximately 17 min. Note: video will not be shown June 4 through June 9.

Chaque souffle une danse will be presented live in collaboration with the Minnesota Street Project Foundation, which will host performances in their exhibition space at 1201 Minnesota Street from April 5 through May 5, with free, ticketed performances Thursday through Sunday. Performances take place at 7 pm on Thursday and Friday, and 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

This installation is part of the exhibition Lee Mingwei: Rituals of Care.

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