Ancient Art Council Lecture: The Etruscan Underworld

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Lisa Pieraccini

Lisa Pieraccini stands near the Etruscan Charu (underworld figure) painted on the 3rd BC wall of the Tomb of the Anina Family, Tarquinia

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Lecturer: Dr. Lisa Pieraccini, history of art, faculty affiliate, ancient history and Mediterranean archaeology, and program coordinator, the Del Chiaro Center for the Study of Ancient Italy, University of California, Berkeley

For centuries artists, archaeologists, and scholars have been captivated by the phenomenal images found on the painted walls of Etruscan tombs. The paintings offer an extraordinary view of Etruscan life and afterlife by providing thematic visual rhetoric that sheds much light on Etruscan culture.

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This lecture is free, open to the public, and available in person and via livestream.

  • In person: Gunn Theater, Legion of Honor. Seating is limited and unassigned. Doors open at 1:30 pm.
  • Livestream: Register here to receive a webinar link.

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