The Fearless Art Practice of Leilah Babirye

June 21, 2024

Leilah Babirye carving a sculpture

Learn about Leilah Babirye’s artistic practice and journey as an artist.

Step inside Leilah Babirye’s studio, and see how she fearlessly transforms wood, ceramic, and found materials into ambitious sculptures that reflect her LGBTQ+ community. Born in Kampala, Uganda, and based in Brooklyn, New York, contemporary artist Leilah Babirye is known for her highly expressive, ambiguously gendered sculptures. Featuring interviews with the artist and Curator of African Art Natasha Becker, this short documentary explores Leilah Babirye’s artistic process, connections to art from west and central Africa, and new work for Leilah Babirye: We Have a History.

The film, directed by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Khamisi Norwood, is part of our original documentary series FAMSF Presents.

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