Artful Animals

By Colleen Terry

Artful Animals is a compelling portrait of the animal world, as represented by artists from a wide and diverse array of eras, cultures, and artistic styles, drawing from the vast collection of works on paper at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Animals play a variety of roles in our lives and inspire a range of emotions. From the playful and humorous to the awe-inspiring and unsettling, the works in this volume represent five hundred years of artistic achievement. Indian miniatures and Japanese prints intermingle with European and American prints and drawings from the sixteenth century to today. Whether scientifically accurate or highly stylized, these images will delight animal and art lovers alike.


Colleen Terry is assistant curator of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, where she has produced a series of publications on contemporary graphic art for the Anderson Graphic Arts Collection.

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