The de Young App for Apple Watch

The de Young app is now available for Apple Watch. The app, which was described by CNN Money as an “invisible tour guide,” offers fascinating insights by the museum’s curators and an easily navigable map to help you see more of the collections.

Your Apple Watch allows you to effortlessly receive notifications as you approach selected artworks on guided tours that interpret a wide range of objects within the museum's diverse collections, including American paintings dating from as early as 1670 and sculptures and murals from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

Gentle pulses on your wrist notify you that you’ve approached a featured artwork and allow you to play audio tracks supplied by the museum’s curators. The app also tracks your progress on tours so that you know what’s left to see in any given gallery.

Learn more about the Apple Watch app experience in Fast Company, CNN Money, and Fortune.

Instructions for Use

1.       Download the free de Young iPhone App on the iTunes Store.

2.       Enable location permissions and Bluetooth.

3.       Ensure headphones are plugged in or Bluetooth is paired with phone.

4.       Ensure that the de Young Watch App is installed.

a.      Open “My Watch” on your iPhone.

b.      Scroll down and tap “de Young”.

c.       Ensure that “Show App on Apple Watch” is enabled.

5.       Launch the de Young App on your Apple Watch.

6.       Select a gallery tour and start exploring.