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In April, the de Young Museum hosted a daylong symposium, New Guinea Art Since 1875. Scholars, collectors, artists, and performers from around the world gathered to explore the most significant new art and art forms coming from New Guinea in the last hundred years. As its first public program, the symposium marked an important moment for the Jolika Collection. Although the de Young's collection of New Guinea art does not currently include many works created after the beginning of the 20th century, the Museum’s interest in New Guinea art extends beyond the collection’s scope. Its diverse programs and education initiatives celebrate both historic and contemporary New Guinea Art.

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Video production by Azbri Productions www.azbri.com. For further information, please contact chellmich@famsf.org.

John E. Buchanan, Jr.
Director of Museums
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Opening Remarks
Ambassador Evan J. Paki
Embassy of Papua New Guinea

Visual Expression in New Guinea Since 1875:
The Jolika Collection in Context

Christina Hellmich
de Young Museum

Performance by Michael Mel
Goroka University
Papua New Guinea

Pamela Rosi

Contested Transformations in the Institutionalization of Contemporary Papua New Guinea Art-making: From Creative Arts Centre to National Arts School to Faculty of Creative Arts (1972-1990)
Pamela Rosi, Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts

Collections at the National Museum and Art Gallery, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Asi Sando, National Museum and Art Gallery, Papua New Guinea

From Migu No.1 Village: Mathias Kauage Artis, Papua New Guinea, 1969–2003
Rebecca Hossack
Rebecca Hossack Gallery, UK

The Indigenous Curation of Contemporary Art in Papua New Guinea: The Chimbu Painters of Port Moresby
Robert Welsch
Dartmouth College

Carol Mayer Elaine Monds Jewel Castro Jacqueline Lewis Harris
Passive collecting, lost stories, and fading memories: the Papua New Guinea collection at the UBC Museum of Anthropology
Carol Mayer
Museum of Anthropology
University of British Columbia
From Artifact to Fine Art
Elaine Monds
Alcheringa Gallery, Canada
Beyond Boundaries: Cultural Survival, Present Venues, Future Markets
Jewel Castro
Mira Costa College,
Beyond Boundaries: Cultural Survival, Present Venues, Future Markets
Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris
Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity, St. Louis, Missouri
panel discussion      
Panel Discussion
Moderated by Thomas Seligman
Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University