Bouquets to Art Programs

Gabriela Salazar carrying flowers

Photography by Gabriela Salazar

Enhance your Bouquets to Art experience with our in-person floral programs.

Each program includes a live Q+A and book signing.

Tickets are $55 per program. This includes general admission entry to Bouquets to Art, and the Kehinde Wiley and Ansel Adams exhibitions.

Tues, June 6

  • Punk Ikebana

    Critically acclaimed artist and floral designer Louesa Roebuck will share how to create transcendent eco-luxe compositions with seasonal flora foraged, gathered, gleaned, and composed in situ from the San Francisco Botanical Garden’s private property and elsewhere. In Punk Ikebana, Roebuck will discuss and riff on classic rules of Japanese flower arrangement — then demonstrate how to bend them, and, in turn, unite the cultural meanings and wise elegance of a traditional perspective with an exhilarating freedom from convention. 

    Louesa Roebuck, author of the critically acclaimed Foraged Flora, is a printmaker, painter, and floral artist. She has created flora installations from foraged and gleaned materials for high-end clients such as Vivienne Westwood, John Baldessari, Todd Selby, House Beautiful, Michael Pollan, and Alice Waters. Her work has been featured in a number of national and international magazines and media, including Wired, C Magazine, Bare Journal, VogueLos Angeles Times, Sunset, Martha Stewart Living, and Remodelista. She lives in Ojai, California.

    Punk Ikebana: Reimagining the Art of Floral Design

    Louesa Roebuck

    Photography by Sean Jerd

Weds, June 7

  • The Garden and the Artistry of Floral Design

    Flowers have the power to transform the way you feel. Experience the beauty of floral design through the eyes of Gabriela Salazar. Salazar will talk about how growing her own garden has changed how she designs flowers. She will illustrate how an intimate relationship with flowers fosters the artistry behind soft, romantic arrangements. 

    As an entrepreneur, author, international designer, educator, and gardener, Gabriela Salazar is a premier floral designer for weddings and events. She is founder of La Musa de las Flores, a floral design business, and the online floral design school Heartfelt Floristry, where she teaches and mentors flower growers and designers around the world. Salazar is known for her romantic, lush floral design style. She attributes this effortless style to nature and growing her own flowers. While in the garden, Salazar observes the contours of the plants and trees, taking note of their effortless movements and soft, graceful forms. She translates these garden observations into her floral design work.

    The Artistry of Flowers: Floral Designs by La Musa de las Flores

    Gabriela Salazar carrying flowers

    Photography by Gabriela Salazar

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