Curiosity resource Articles

 de Youngsters Studio: Horizon Line Collage Inspired by Ed Ruscha
Create a landscape collage of your ideal place.
de Youngsters: Make a View Camera a “Portal on the Past” Inspired by Willard Worden
Create a view camera from household materials to see the world around you in a new way.
de Youngsters Studio: Nature Art Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy
Use natural materials to communicate a message about the environment.
de Youngsters Studio: Ex-Votos, A Mexican Tradition of Special Narrative Paintings
Create an ex-voto painting about an important event.
de Youngsters Studio: Spirit Board Art Making Inspired by New Guinea Collection
Create your own spirit board to honor a person or an aspect of nature.
de Youngsters Studio: Reflect and Resist
Create personal anti-racist messages that express your family values.
Get Smart with Art - 5th Grade
American History: Colonial - Revolution
Get Smart with Art - 2nd Grade
Learning to Look: Building Community: Festivals, Rituals, Traditions, and Celebrations
Get Smart with Art - 3rd Grade
Learning to Look: How and Why People Build Communities