Curiosity resource Articles

Make an illustrated book that captures moments of your life!
de Youngsters Open Studio: Powerful Portraits
Create a portrait inspired by Andrea McCoy Harvey’s Afro Goddess.
Create a mixed-media collage of a habitat and animal that illustrates your hopes for the environment.
Watch how to make 'pirate paper'
By the looks of this pirate, there are some adventures to tell! Make 'pirate paper' for a treasure map, a story, a poem, or a pirate riddle.
de Youngsters Studio: Yard Show Art Making Inspired by Joe Minter
Create a yard show using found materials to share a social message with your community.
de Youngsters Studio: Get Out the Vote Postcard Printing
Create your own printing tools to make Get Out the Vote postcards.
 de Youngsters Studio: Horizon Line Collage Inspired by Ed Ruscha
Create a landscape collage of your ideal place.
de Youngsters: Make a View Camera a “Portal on the Past” Inspired by Willard Worden
Create a view camera from household materials to see the world around you in a new way.
de Youngsters Studio: Nature Art Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy
Use natural materials to communicate a message about the environment.
de Youngsters Studio: Ex-Votos, A Mexican Tradition of Special Narrative Paintings
Create an ex-voto painting about an important event.