An update from June Artists-in-Residence, Michael Horse and Kim Shuck

By Kim Shuck:

In June 2010 Michael Horse, painter, actor, musician etc, was my partner in a residency at the de Young museum in San Francisco. He wanted this. He gave me a drawing... told me where the horses were to go and what colors... In most ways this is his work... aside from the hours of actually making the piece, that is. Looks pretty good I think. Not sure I would work with anyone else this way but... he's one of a kind.

For more information about Michael's work plug his name into and hear him talk about it himself.

Here is another bag in progress. I start thinking of these things in association with the music/movie/conversation I was having when I beaded them. The fish was mostly beaded while listening to an Attenborough animal documentary. The crane was fueled by Cream and Dire Straits played at (probably excessive) volume, the marten was done while listening to a version of a Sherlock Holmes puzzle. Can you see five different white/grey-white shades in that marten...?

Finally, here is a finished piece by Michael Horse...

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