"Trancing Out" by Kim Shuck, June Artist-in-Residence

Last Friday I did a poetry reading elsewhere, so I had not yet experienced the gallery on a Friday evening. Wow. Just wow.

Fridays are a long day to begin with. We technically start at 1pm, but I'm a morning person so I'm usually there in the closed gallery picking away at stuff much earlier than that. Until 5 it was a usual gallery day, if with a slightly more engaged group of folk and a larger percentage of great questions. That may be a perception thing on my part. I'm at a REALLY happy place with my raven beading. My color trick is working. I get quite childishly happy about this sort of thing. So really, it was a fairly stellar day. Fun work, good company, stunning view out the window. People I like coming to visit.  Just like my own workspace without the periodic household strangeness or urgency. I did snap a needle, but I didn't stab myself (always awkward trying not to bleed on the leather when that happens). We had visitors from Australia, all over the States and Canada as well as one of my bestest friends. The fantastic Mary Jean Robertson stopped by, she hosts the longest running Native radio program... well, anywhere.  Two upcoming artists in residence visited as well. The lineup this year looks great.

The evening was more challenging for me. I am, as I said earlier, a morning person. By 6 my eyes don't like the light in the gallery. I AM working with tiny bits of glass after all. The cool thing is that the guests really stayed pretty good: interested, engaging, willing to try the beading. Aside from the worrying, and probably contraband, presence of wine near my project (I was too tired at that point to shoo the wine bearers away) it was all pretty good, if long and more  populated then the rest of the week.

So, today's burble is a bit short. There is a reason. I am so into the project I'm doing that what I want to say is: grey, matte black, matte gunmetal... another rank of feathers. Next group with red beads.  Sadly, this is mostly incomprehensible without a visual of the piece... and even so. Because my color trick is working photos aren't going to do it for you. You must come visit.

Oh and the beads I sent for got here so also: tangerine, cobalt... montana blue. Yeah I know... just wait until the inevitable frustration point. I am, if possible, less comprehensible then.

When you come by look in the Pool of Enchantment, we've been visited by an egret a few times.