Through the Looking Glass: December Artist-in-Residence Genevieve Quick

December Artist-in-Residence Genevieve Quick examines the history and wonder of telescopes, Victorian projectors, photography and space-age satellites. In The Lens Lab (on view through December 31, 2011, in the Kimball Education Gallery), Quick invites the public to interact with her hand-fabricated cameras. Participants are encouraged to use her modified cameras to photograph the museum and its grounds. The resulting photographs will be projected as a slide show in the gallery as the project evolves throughout the residency.

Courtesy Genevieve Quick

Quick’s work explores the intersection between sculpture, photography, engineering, architecture and design. Generally, Quick limits her materials to those involved in model making, like paper, foam-core and styrene. Both conceptually and materially, Quick’s objects exist somewhere between models and fully functioning machines or devices.

Lens Lab Camera

Lens Lab Camera 4 (LLC4): Wheel of color and distortion, 2011, mixed media, 6 7/8 x 6 x 3 1/4 in.

While based on the dynamics of the human or animal eye, photography and optics also influence our perception of the world. Photography has evolved from grainy black-and-white images to high-definition computer-generated and altered imagery. These technological changes alter our understanding of what constitutes image production, photography and the real. Quick does not privilege the nostalgia of earlier photographic forms over the novelty of emergent technologies; rather she engages both.

Courtesy Genevieve Quick

Quick probes historical and conceptual shifts in vision and how technologies shape our perception of the world. Many of Quick’s cameras skew the user’s perspective to become a catalyst for a unique, sometimes disarming experience. The Lens Lab fosters an interactive experience that allows you to intervene your own vision through the filter of a camera.

Stop by the Kimball Gallery throughout the month of December to discover new ways of seeing with Genevieve Quick, Wednesdays–Sundays from 1–5 p.m.