Tales from the de Young Summer Art Camp

This blog post was written by Holly Olive Turney

The de Young Summer Art Camp continues as our Apprentices, Artisans, and Masters observe, describe, and record their adventures.

de Young Summer Art campers exploring the environs of Golden Gate Park

During the last two weeks, campers practiced their drawing and painting skills using a full range of materials—including charcoal, chalk pastel, china markers, watercolor, acrylic, and oil—and filling up their sketchbooks and canvases.

Art-making materials

Apprentices wandered through the museum galleries and the surrounding gardens to find ideas and inspiration for painting projects. Teaching artists Mica and Jill took the Apprentices to sketch in the Garden of Enchantment and looked closely at the plants and pond. The Apprentices also experimented with close observational drawings on their field trip to the Botanical Gardens where they worked with white charcoal pencil on black paper, highlighting lights and darks in their drawings.

A camper draws from life in the Botanical Gardens

Artisans devoted time and thought to working on their personalized, self-portrait tote bags. The careful process involved drawing a self-portrait, transferring the image onto canvas, painting with acrylics, and finally sewing.

A camper puts the finishing touches on his self-portrait tote bag

The Master group studied and examined the work of Richard Diebenkorn, whose artwork is now on view in our special exhibition galleries. They were amazed by the thick paint, visible brushstrokes, and bright colors employed by the artist. Back in the studio the campers practiced their hand at similar techniques.

A teaching artist demonstrates painting techniques used by Richard Diebenkorn

The Masters also visited the Botanical Gardens to observe and record the natural world. They were asked to experiment and try a new art-making material—coffee—to make their own botanical paintings.

A botanical drawing made using coffe as a medium

Our camp is at the half-way point, and the teaching artists and awesome interns are so excited to have met so many families and friends!

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