Slow Art Day: Taking Time to Make a Connection

This year amid the installations and exhibitions—the everyday blur of activity at the Museums—we’re excited to host Slow Art Day at the de Young and the Legion of Honor on Saturday, April 11. This is an entire day to make time for connections—between you and an artwork, you and an artist, or just between you and the current moment. The structure of Slow Art Day is simple: visit a museum, choose a work of art and spend five to ten minutes with it. 

Here are few tips from Slow Art Day experts and our education department:

  • Choose a piece of art that draws you in. You’re more likely to stay engaged if you go with your gut.
  • Relax and let your eyes wander over the work. Stay with a detail. Linger at the margins. Or, pick a line and follow it through the work.
  • If you get bored, ask yourself why you chose this piece of art. What thoughts and emotions crop up?
  • Observe it from different distances and angles. You don't have to stand still!
  • Exercise your attention spans beforehand by virtually exploring a work of art from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco collection on Google Art Project.

After five to ten minutes of slow looking, you’ll probably find yourself eager to share your experience. Sit down to lunch with friends or take a photo and share your thoughts online.

Post a detail on Instagram with @deyoungmuseum or @legionofhonor. Tag your post with #SlowArtDay, and be sure to tell us what caught your eye and why! To learn more about Slow Art Day visit

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