Second Week at the de Young by Jennifer Ewing, January Artist-in-Residence

The second week at the Kimball was a blast with Friday night being the highlight.
For the museum, it was the perfect storm of events combining with the Orsay exhibition still going strong, permanent galleries free, and the start of the 6th year of Friday Night Fun.  We had a lot of visitors so more people got to make their own totem boats and got to know about Spirit Boats.

It is great to be a part of it all. The people have been the best part. Staff I have known or encountered at work, long term friends who knew my previous work, newer friends who know how I have road tested the Spirit Boats over the last few years and brand new friends and people are affected by the work. I am so thankful.

Being on the opposite side of the Kimball Gallery has given me a new perspective on the museum. It is a shift for me since I am usually working on the opposite side of the space with kids and families. Because I am on staff and have used this space for over 5 years now, I have an established feeling about the gallery that is now enhanced.

I appreciate how wonderful the long wall of windows offers light that plays there throughout the afternoon. I have watched the afternoons change into evenings instead of mornings turn into afternoons. Lots of people are taking in the exhibition from outside. I see a lot of photos being taken. Having the museum open so late gave the show a lot of extra visibility.  I am now the one greeting the visitor and get to work with all my art around me on the rich brown walls.  With a deeper understanding of how others have used this room in the past, I think of the 5 years worth of artists who have also occupied this place.

Artist Studio window looking in

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