ME'DI.ATE's Soundwave Festival Finishes Up at the de Young Tonight, August 13

Friday Nights: Cultural Encounters at the de Young is excited to be the host of the closing of ME’DI.ATE’s Soundwave Festival, featuring The Drift. We will celebrate all that is at the intersection of space and sound this Friday. And what better place to experience experimental sound than in the angular public lobby of the de Young Museum under the shadow of Gerhard Richter’s Strontium? It will be a special environment August 13 when The Drift takes the stage with an arsenal of instruments including an electric bass, keyboard, trumpet, guitar and drums. Their music has hints of everything that you find in nature and music. You might have never heard anything like it. The Drift will take you on a magical journey, and your eardrums will be tricked into thinking you were outside in the park. The new de Young Museum, designed by Herzog & de Meuron is meant to reflect its natural surroundings, the wonderful Golden Gate Park in the heart of San Francisco. With the help of the Soundwave Festival and the paintings on view from the Musée d’Orsay, there will be a bridge from the ever-growing bamboo trees to the iconic Impressionist works of the masters. The combination of sound, design, and painting will play with your audiovisual senses in a perfect marriage of environment and human-produced sound. Come watch the museum turn inside out while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the de Young on Friday night. 

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