Matter! The 16th Annual New Generations Student Showcase

See tomorrow's art start tonight at the 2012 New Generations: Student Showcase. This year's theme is a call to action–think of it as a one-word manifesto: Matter!


Matter is the stuff of our lives, the goods that surround us, the fibers we wear, and the atoms of which our bodies are formed. In recent years, artists and designers have called for a return to matter, inciting new investigations of material culture, a reinvigoration of distinctly handmade objects and an insistent materiality. In an age characterized by post-studio art, some might argue that what matters most today is something immaterial, something social, an artistic form of anti-matter!

Hosted by the de Young’s New Generations student and faculty advisory board, Matter! features free admission into the permanent collection galleries for students and faculty with ID, a dance floor, tunes by DJ Lamont, emcees Melonie Green and Melorra Green, raffle prizes and a special artists awards presentation.

Come dressed in what matters to you!

Join us for this annual one-night-only pop-up gallery of student artwork of visual art, film, and gallery talks this Friday Night at the de Young from 6:00 to 8:45 p.m.