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Kay Sekimachi’s Guestbook

November 2, 2016

A visitor's response to Key Sekimachi.

For the past several months, visitors have studied our current textiles exhibition, Kay Sekimachi: Student, Teacher, Artist. Sekimachi’s life-long artistic endeavors were on display, including numerous textile studies, her signature monofilament sculptures, early student works and pieces created earlier this year. Visitors were encouraged to sign a guestbook for the exhibition leaving notes for Sekimachi, which will be affixed in a journal for her archives. Some of our favorite responses are below.


Make sure to open the drawers.


The romance.

Born in 1926.

Student / Teacher.

Other visitors were not limited by two dimensions, and even slipped in some sculptural notes for Sekimachi.

Textile and origami-inspired.

Sekimachi proved to be a huge inspiration to our visitors. Make sure to see these amazing textiles before the exhibition closes this weekend.

Sekimachi’s Guestbook

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