"It's a wrap" by Kim Shuck, June 2010 Artist-in-Residence

On the way past the bandshell I noticed that the puddle the squirrels were drinking out of yesterday had dried up. Fog all gone... It's quite hot actually.



More feathers.



The various animals didn't come around today. There were human visitors of varying sorts. I'm embarrassed to admit the major focus of the day. It wasn't profound. Mostly just feathers.



I left the lights down when I came in, opened the blinds for light and started in on the beading: feathers and feathers.



The group project proceeds. I'm beading feathers.



I've said so many things this month about process and color and design... I'm not really sure what to say about goodbye. I consider most of my beading pieces part of a continuum. The photos of the vest will be up when it's done. I have a quick three things to finish in the next month, which will be easier by myself in my home studio. It's been an interesting trip through the month. There are a few folk who may well follow my progress going forward, I've met some fun people. I think that workwise I tend to look ahead a bit: feathers in that direction. There are feathers, a sandhill crane, a fisher, more feathers, a snakeskin to forge, leggings for the fall. The house is a total disaster. That may actually be what I do in the next few days...reclaiming space in the house.



Anyway it isn't really goodbye. There are pics and pics to share, when they can be taken. We'll all see what the feathers look like then.



Thanks to everyone for all of the interesting moments, interesting moments and feathers.