Introduction of Jeanine Briggs' "Transfigurations", July 2010 Artist-in-Residence by Gregory Stock, Education Intern

Walking into the Kimball Education gallery this month, a visitor might experience a childhood flashback of placing collector cards in the wheel spokes of your first bike, or scenes from Pixar’s recent film, WALL-E. In Jeanine Briggs' Transfigurations, the artist-in-residence incorporates trash and found materials in a variety of forms including small characters, masks, and full body representations.

Ms. Briggs brings the viewer to a new awareness of the body and how we see ourselves in our community. She also bridges time with her community project of building of an early 21st-century dinosaur, Detritussaurus, made out of hundreds of found materials and bicycle wheels. Visitors will bring this large-scale, colorful, and tactile work of public art into being from a surprising array of discarded items common to our everyday lives.

From the artist’s statement: “Seeing different things and seeing things differently, my imagination takes form through freestanding sculptures, wall sculptures, and paintings. The common thread through all my work is my preference for reusing salvaged or otherwise discarded materials.”

Be prepared to see different things and see things differently as you encounter the figurative art that Ms. Briggs creates from reused and repurposed materials: life-sized human figures, oversized chess individuals, small fertility and guardian figures, and vaious exotic life forms that inhabit our living planet—in reality or imagination. 

Stop by any time throughout the month of July and meet Ms. Briggs on-site between 1–5 pm Wednesday–Sunday, or on a Friday night until 8:45 pm. Admission into the Kimball Education gallery is free of charge.