"I knew I'd miss Michael..." by Kim Shuck, June 2010 Artist-in-Residence

Another magical foggy day. This time with tomatoes and raspberries. Well, that and my first official day without Mr. Horse. I knew it was going to be difficult so I brought fruit. Fruit and Knopfler and Clapton... I also had Intern Extrordinaire Mlle. Megan. Bob the sitting ball was there too. Life could have been harder. Still... even with all of that and the buffalo hunt on the wall... it was slightly difficult. I'm a creature of habit.



Kids in the gallery. Lots of kids. I've been teaching for oh... over 20 years now. They sure are interesting creatures aren't they? If you come to visit and find kids everywhere... don't turn around and leave as some did today. Generally they are not around for long, generally they are ok. They do tend to sit on Bob the chair/ball which is helping him to behave. Do not fear the artcamp kids. Just step around the backpacks and parents and come on in. I'm by the window. Come talk to me. Seriously, as an artist I'm really happy that there is such a program in the museum. Without a steady stream of people learning to go view art, the continued health of such places is not assured. Art images on the internet are not the same as the actual piece. It's essential that young folk know this and feel comfortable in these spaces.



The museum was buzzing today. I find foggy days to be best for museum visits. My best friend and I spent one day a week in the de Young/Asian Art Museum for three years during high school. She used to do these amazing sculptures. I was a jewelry shop geek back then. We loved these foggy days. We'd sit for hours looking at paintings or sitting in the Tibetan collections in the Asian, then go over to the Tea Garden for Jasmine tea and rice crackers. A pair of girls came in today that reminded me acutely of Sara and myself. Then the redtail did his rounds and brought me back to practicalities of beading and interacting.



We do have a new facet in the gallery as of today. DeCoy Gallerina's fantastic Real Faces project is up on one of the screens. Come see. Come see more wing on my raven. Come tomorrow during the end-of-residency celebration. Come visit with me so I don't miss Michael so much. It's likely to be foggy....