Hugs all around by Kim Shuck, June Artist-in-Residence

You may be in for a fun day when you find a hawk feather coming in to work. You may be in for a fun day when your first visitor in the studio asks great questions and listens to the answers. It's been a fun day when a mom tells you that you 'made everyone happy' with some oil pastels and butcher paper (grinning kids and interesting drawings and all). There is a serious trickster theme running through this residency. I'm a devotee of Rabbit (southeastern Trickster). I'm beading a Raven (Northwest Coast Trickster, though that isn't who is on the piece I'm doing). On our 'strike the show Friday' (June 25 from 6pm to 8:30 in the Kimball and the Koret) we've invited performance artist DeCoy Gallerina to bring Coyotess for a visit (there will also be some amazing poets reading their work including the spectacular Devorah Major). I am sensing a theme, how about you? This blog is evidently causing some confusion, more trickster I suspect, and I am going to move it to my website in order to resolve the issue. Whatever entries remain up on this site will still be linked through the events page on and future blurbs with be available there also. This should help with the trouble folk were having finding the posts and to be honest I think that most of the readers were coming from a pool of people who already know my work . Come on over to my site, kick your shoes off and we'll chat honestly and directly about the day.

Coyotess sightings in both the Kimball and the Koret! We had an art visit from some curious coyote folk. This visit promised good things to come. Coyote Stories were shared, conversations happened, joy and mischief were passed out by the handful. DeCoy Gallerina visited this afternoon to the delight of those present. The 25th should be a blast.

We have some really interesting interns working with us. I think that both Michael and I are fairly self-sufficient. I'm probably less so. Having no major redecorating or candy sorting for our interns to busy themselves with has allowed them to enjoy picking out selections from the Native music we've been playing and to explore the group beading project. We've identified a few folk with some real talent in this area. Palm trees are going on the piece now and it's making me really happy. Come in to the gallery and see.