"Hot" by Kim Shuck, June Artist-in-Residence

We only had a very few folk in today, so we both got a good deal of work done and talked about bad Native themed movies. Well, we talked about different kinds of movies, but we talked most about what I call 'Bad Indian Movies'. These would be films with glaring cultural errors, stereotypes or other faux pas. It was a hoot.

Way too hot for museums today I guess. We saw more people coming through the gallery to get to the loo than we did folk coming to see our work. Hard to take it personally when it's just stunning outside.

As for the movie chat, it turns out that both Michael and I have a soft spot for video kitsch. The Interns were holding their own as well. It wasn't a terribly high-brow or artistic conversation, but it was great fun. It would be fun to see if someone could come visit and suggest a bad Indian movie that neither of us have seen...

Oh man, it's even too hot to blog. I need some lemonade. See some of you tomorrow.