Follow that Art! Balcomb Greene's Six-Sided Planes is Ready for its Close-up

Now that the Board of Trustees has approved the purchase of Balcomb Greene's Six-Sided Planes and it has been permanently accessioned into the Museums' collection, the next step is to make identification photography of the artwork. This photo will be used for internal recordkeeping on the collections management database and the website.

Art technicians Osvaldo Ruiz and Mark Grim prepare the painting for transportation to the photo studio. For safety, two people handle artworks at all times.

They carefully load the painting onto an A-frame. The museum uses these A-frame carts to transport paintings to different places around the building.

In order to secure the painting to the A-frame for its short journey, Osvaldo and Mark strap it directly to the A-frame.

This painting has a very shallow picture frame, so it is strapped from behind to protect the painted surface from abrasion.

As artworks move within the Museums, current and historical location information is kept and updated in our collections management database. Because many people need access to artworks in the course of their job duties, it is important to maintain accurate location records that account for the artwork at all times.

Osvaldo and Mark remove the painting from the A-frame and place it on the easel where it will be photographed.

Joe McDonald, the Museums' staff photographer, focuses in on Six-Sided Planes and is ready to begin the photo shoot.

The hero (or final) shot will now be uploaded into our collection management database.

Next week, we'll learn more about the curatorial research dedicated to this work, including information about the artist and the painting itself!