dYinterpretations: A Journey through the de Young with Filmmaker-in-Residence Lise Swenson

The de Young Museum previews its new iPhone application dYinterpretations: A Journey through the de Young with Filmmaker-in-Residence Lise Swenson on Friday, February 11, during the museum’s weekly event Cultural Encounters: Friday Nights at the de Young. Museum lovers will be given the opportunity to download the new app for free in the iTunes App Store between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm prior to its official release on March 1 for $2.99. The app consists of a series of videos that provide a holistic, multimedia introduction to the museum, escorting you through its architecture, its collection, and the artists and staff that have contributed to its distinct identity.

The overarching theme, as the title of the application suggests, is interpretation. Filmmaker Lise Swenson uses her medium to form a patchwork of histories and voices—including those of various artists-in-residence, staff members, and such major figures as Andy Goldsworthy—that result in her own interpretation of the de Young as a significant cultural institution with a unique point of view. Swenson’s invitation to journey into the depths of the de Young becomes literal with the integration of transitional videos where we are made to feel as if we are walking from feature to feature. Following these segments are extended interviews, performances, and highlights of some of the major pieces and architectural details in the museum such as Goldsworthy’s Drawn Stone. Swenson also includes fascinating looks into the de Young’s relationship to and interest in indigenous culture and the reasons behind the inclusion of something as seemingly unexpected as a Kiki Smith's Near.

As you find your way through this collection of short videos, you can incorporate the array of perspectives and develop our own understandings of an institution that you only thought you knew. Furthermore, the design of the application allows for multiple approaches to Swenson’s journey. Enjoy the app as a coherent work, select individual videos from a list, or even look at a three-dimensional rendering of the museum and dive into whichever corner or hallway you find most intriguing. The app's seamless interface makes this particular decision incredibly easy, ultimately honoring the idea of individual interpretation. We hope that you will join us as we preview this exciting, complex, and insightful addition to the de Young Museum.

Note: Since dYinterpretations is so content-rich, everyone is encouraged to download the app before visiting the museum, as it may take up to an hour to download in full. Visit the iTunes App Store and search for "de Young."

- David Shultz, Public Programs Intern

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