A Day in the Life of the Museum Ambassadors

Last week you met the Museum Ambassadors, a highly motivated group of high school students trained to educate younger students about all things art. Today, we give you a sneak peek into the work that they do here at the Museums.

Weeks before we begin giving community tours, we memorize our scripts with our fellow ambassadors.

We play ice-breaking games to get to know each other during training and to enhance our teamwork and energy levels.

We play games and do activities outside during training so that we can improve our presentation skills, such as projection!

We use the trip down the elevator as the quiet before the storm; it is time we take to mentally prepare ourselves before the busy day ahead.

Every Monday morning Museum Ambassadors start the day by collecting the students' belongings and getting them excited for the fun and engaging tour ahead.

Each Monday we give art tours to community programs using a method called Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS).

Sometimes the magic happens between art pieces on our tours. While walking through the gallery we engage the kids with friendly conversation.

During downtime we prepare for upcoming presentations and art activities by restocking materials.

In addition to giving tours at the museums, we go out into the community to give presentations. We share our knowledge about the artists and have fun with the kids.

The art project is a time where we get to know the kids on a personal level while teaching them about artistic processes.

After a good day of tours or community presentations, Museum Ambassadors gather for Talk Backs, a process that allows them to discuss the things they did well during the day and areas for improvement.