"The Comforting Summer Fog Arrives" by Kim Shuck, June Artist-in-Residence

Today had both frenetic and soothing aspects. I had breakfast with one of our amazing poets on the bill for Friday: devorah major, poet laureate of San Francisco emerita, amazing performer and above all friend. We ate frittata in Hayes Valley before making our way to the museum. THE FOG IS HERE. It must be summer, eh? Everyone celebrate. Anyhow, breakfast meant that instead of arriving two hours early, I got to the museum at my contracted time. As a result I missed a patron who had come to see me in particular, ah well. It would be difficult, I should think, to be less than thrilled with Michael. He's a delight. Before heading off to brekkie I was cooking: squash soup with hominy and corn bread so the house smelled of spice root and tradition while fog wove it's way by the window (YAY, summer fog). I wanted to bring lunch in to share as today was a big day. It was not so much a celebration as a bit of a sigh. Today was Michael's last. I did not know Michael except to wave and smile before this project. Now I think we have a pile of ideas, some real common ground, shared humor and I am going to miss him in the gallery in a way I can only describe as 'acutely'. In the last week one of my elders was giving me some insight into my personality (they do that sometimes, it can be amazingly unsettling). Evidently I don't make things so much as I build foundations. I think I understand that comment... although it may mean that I create work for others in a big way... In the case of this residency and my proto-friendship with Mr. Horse, yeah probably. We were visited today by Lorraine and Malcolm Cathey, more community. They had a good solid explore through the gallery while I chatted with a museum person I'd not yet met. I suppose that most human interaction is social networking. This month has taught me that my cohort is more than willing to trek to the park to see me do what I'm always doing, only in a different setting. Well, this part of the park is nice on a slightly chilly and foggy day (Fog Fog Fog, YAY). The buffalo hunt is up! Michael's project is finished and mounted on the wall. The mounting was far less drama than I'd predicted. Nicole and Cynthia are gems. A buffalo hide started its process mounted, as it were, on a 3-D moving around being. This is also true of my deer hides. My deer hides are thinner, cut apart and resewn and much much softer. There is a perception that the hides become flat, and to some extent they do, but not really. This is terribly clear on a salt tanned hide. Nevertheless it looks lovely on the wall there in the gallery. You must come see. It's quite stunning (also warm looking and it seems we may have fog for a bit...).