Bouquets to Art 2011: A day in the life of a flower

As Bouquets to Art kicks off its 27th year at the de Young, floral exhibitors poured in with every type of flower and foliage imaginable. We followed floral artist Hiromi Nomura of Belle Flora, who was born and raised in Tokyo, to trace the day in the life of a flower and pay tribute to Japan following last week’s devastating earthquake.

Hiromi Nomura

Hiromi Nomura of Belle Flora


First sight:  the ranunculus blossoms entering the museum

Staging area

Staging area where the ranunculus wait for the artist's hand.

Meticulously arranging

Meticulously arranging the flowers and incorporating the ranunculus into the display.

Ranunculus in their final arrangement

Ranunculus in their final arrangement.

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