Bouquets to Art 2011: Conservators on Patrol

The sheriffs of the conservation team were back on patrol this year for the annual invasion of the flowers
at the de Young, Bouquets to Art.

Debra Evans and Superman

Sheriff Debbie Evans examining her favorite bouquet.


Critters were found in abundance and some in unusual places…

Floral puppy 

A floral version of the Herter Mantlepiece guard dogs.


Faux ladybugs

Luckily the ladybugs emerging from this bouquet were impostors.


Tromp l'oeil beetle

A tromp l'oeil beetle marches across one bouquet.


Lunar flowers

Another bouquet looks like the surface of the moon. Can you find the inhabitants?


Zebras on the moon

Who would have thought there would be zebras on the moon?


Camouflaged hummingbird

A camouflaged hummingbird is perched within this bouquet.


Not all exhibitors paid attention to the rules and the sheriffs had to lay down the law.

Sheriff Debbie Evans

Sheriff Debbie Evans checks an arrangement for restricted materials and insects as it enters the door. 

This one gets the OK.


Confiscated spray bottles

Confiscated spray and mister bottles as well as some acceptable bottles to replace them.


Sheriff Lesley Bone

Sheriff Lesley Bone confiscating kumquats, which might have attracted four-legged pests into the museum.


Water drips

An excess of water drips out of this bouquet.


Sheriff Elise Effmann

Sheriff Elise Effmann helps clean up a water spill.


Forbidden fungus

Even though they create an interesting effect, mushrooms like these are not allowed because they are food and also release spores into the air.


Sheriff Tricia O'Regan

Sheriff Tricia O'Regan examines the height of this bouquet to determine whether it is far enough away from the art.


Alisa Eagleston

Alisa solves a problem with this bouquet: loose material can be hazardous to surrounding art, so a piece of mylar covers the shattered glass.


Arielle Hambrecht

Arielle helps attach some loose stones to this pedestal with dental wax as a precautionary measure.


Day one of bouquets is complete and the conservators will be back on patrol tomorrow to ensure there are no new leaks or six-legged visitors.