Artist Adventures at the de Young's Summer Camp

“I think of art and painting as a journey, not simply a destination.”—Ken Campbell

Artist adventures! There are so many places to explore in the museum, and so many materials to experiment with in the studio!

  • How are artists inspired by different places and cultures in the world?
  • How does our sense of place affect our art?
  • What kinds of journeys do artists take with their materials in the studio?

These are some of the many questions the 7-and 8-year-old artists are thinking about as they spend a week in the de Young Museum drawing, sculpting, painting, observing, and making.

The week started off with venturing up to the tower and drawing from the many different reflective places. What can a new place teach you?

Summer camper drawing

The young artists then transformed their drawings, and took them on a walk—turning them into three-dimensional creations using white paper, tape, and glue.

How can you make something three-dimensional? The artists experimented with different techniques with the paper, such as rolling, folding, bending, and twisting.

another drawing child

The artists then took a journey to the African galleries, and gained inspiration through drawing different mask forms.

What can we learn about a culture through their art?

Why is it important as artists to look at the other ways people make things?

kids in african  art

After getting ideas about forms, textures, compositions, and sizes, the artists returned to the studio and began shaping their own masks. What is a mask? The artists used newspaper, tinfoil, cardboard, and masking tape to build and construct their mask identities.

making a mask

We talked about exaggeration, and making forms extend outwards. The artists then suited up in their red aprons and were introduced to using the plaster material. Plaster is used to create a skin of skin over the armature of cardboard, newspaper, and tinfoil. The young artists quickly realized that plaster is messy and challenging, but incredibly fun.

Plaster work with masks

At the end of each day, all of the artists reflect in a different way on their artistic journeys.

when I'm making art…

Stay tuned for more artist adventures!