Art Reality Check by Kim Shuck, June Artist-in-Residence

Ok, so we aren't always brilliant are we?

Michael and I needed to be at the gallery to give an interview this morning at 10 am (for those not keeping score that would be a full three hours earlier than normal, not complaining, just updating). Ok, 10 am. What does that mean? It means that I did less sleep than normal so I could do prosaic household things. Also it means that I didn't have all of my accustomed caffeine. I am a tea junkie ok? AAAAAAAAAA!

I wanted to get a rank of feathers done today. Did I? Did I nonsense? I got half of one done, and lucky at that.

The Artist's Block

Ok, artist's block is myth. It's more artsulk. I do artsulk very well, quite dignified really. I had a serious case of artsulk today. I tried, really I did... I was valiant. Ok Michael was more valiant. He finished the half of the hide he was working on. I worked on charm today. I talked to people. We had some fun people in the gallery today. Most were there on purpose. The fantastic Ed Madrill came to say hi. Ed is a member of the Native Advisory Committee at the de Young. He is a friend. He is an epic dancer. See Ed hoop dance if you can, he's amazing, graceful, patient in his explanations. I was happy to see him. One of my best friends, educator Jilma Ortiz stopped by. Jilma teaches second grade here in SF. She's wonderful. We had other guests: one from New Zealand, a group from Korea, various others. We had staff, we had interns, beading was done by the interns...It was a surprisingly calm day. Out the window we could see a very long line for the Academy of Sciences, in the foyer we could see many many folk come to see the Impressionists show. In our studio we had a steady but rational stream of guests. I should have got more done. I will tomorrow.