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"Over and Out Past the Lines" - June 2010 Artists-in-residence

We would like to introduce June's Artists-in-Residence at the Kimball Education Gallery at the de Young Museum, Kim Shuck and Michael Horse. Below you will find some pictures highlighting the installation of "Over and Out Past the Lines" and Ms. Shuck's first entry regarding the process.

We are delighted to have Native artists inhabit the gallery for this month and look forward to sharing with the public many different experiences of Native art. Artists are on site Wednesday–Sunday, 1–5 pm (until 8:45 pm on Fridays in June). Admission into the Kimball Education Gallery is free of charge.

June 1: Loading In

For the month of June Michael Horse and I (Kim Shuck) will be occupying the Kimball Gallery and making stuff. Michael is a painter who works in a style called ledger art. For more info on that style you can hear Michael talking about his work at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0dHIkTTj2U.

He is also a jeweler who does both fabrication and a form of casting done in tufa, which is a soft sandstone. I work in a number of media, but will be making poems or beading things this month. There are a few of my poems up on the walls in the gallery and there will be a rotating collection of my beadwork around the place. We are very pleased that the museum has agreed to let us host a few California pieces from their collection for the month. There are two lovely t-necklaces and a flint point. It's important to honor the people of this place and although Michael and I are both of Native descent we are not of local Native descent, so it's nice to have some supervisory work here to help us.

I am the sort who doesn't so much get stage fright as stage impatience. I've been wanting to get this month started for about...well... six months give or take. We've had waves of activity: getting folk together for performance visits ( more on that later), designing and redesigning the space in my head, handing over things to be frozen for the purpose of reassuring the museum that our stuff wasn't buggy (sounds horrible but it's true that some small critters find deer hide and buffalo hide tasty and they do have some expensive trinkets in this joint). The hides are smoked to discourage insect incursion, but I appreciate why they want to reassure themselves. Suddenly it was this morning. I arrived, toting my box. Michael arrived soon thereafter with bunches of paintings. The fantastic public programs staff had printed some of my poetry to put up on the walls. Nothing left but to get started.

I love that the Kimball is painted brown. Since art school I've been anti-white walls, not as political position, rather as an aesthetic one, white walls never quite show my work at it's best. The residency gallery is quite welcoming and comfortable. I did a small happy dance and more or less fooled around while Cynthia and Nicole did all of the work. Please come see the great job they did while Michael and I contributed in minor ways ( I made a great number of little balls of museum putty). As of this writing there are an array of Michael's paintings and my poems on the walls. There is a buffalo hide beaded with a blanket strip on a table where Michael will be painting it. There is/will be a rotating group of my beaded pieces and Michael's silver work on pedestals. There will be different pieces from my collection on my work table from day to day, mostly the work of local artist and elder Dav Pate, who is a friend and mentor. Various friends will be stopping by throughout the month to read poems, perform music, dance, carve, bead, hang out... Saturdays around 1pm are good if you want to catch music or poetry. The rest of it? Well, I could pretend to have a schedule, but really it's just friends coming around for a visit. This is roughly what my actual studio is like, although there are usually tea and cookies in my actual studio. Our arts are aspects of our lives as human people, as Native people. We're glad that you stopped by the blog, we hope that you will stop by the museum and our happy brown room and introduce yourselves.

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