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The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco is a member of the French Regional and American Museum Exchange (FRAME). Founded in 1999, FRAME is a formal collaboration of museums in twelve cities in France, twelve museums in the United States and one associate member in Canada. FRAME serves as a catalyst for cultural exchange between France and the United States and as such is an important aspect of Franco-American cultural diplomacy, and is dedicated to promoting French-American cooperation in the cultural arena of museums, their collections and their professional staffs. It fosters enduring partnerships based on common projects and exchanges of information, personnel, technology and resources. The projects range from a shared website to joint many exhibitions, educational resources and programs, and  publications.

Thanks to this unique consortium, extraordinary collections are placed at the service of an ever-wider public on both sides of the Atlantic. In these ways, FRAME serves the cultural needs of each country and educates a constituency of great size, breadth and distribution.

The museums of FRAME are purposely drawn from regions outside the economic and governmental capitals of both countries in order to draw attention to, and broadly share, the richness of cultural resources that characterize these institutions and regions. various foundations and corporate sponsors.

FRAME is funded by its member museums and various foundations, individuals, and corporate sponsors. In France, additional funding comes from the municipalities in which the FRAME museums are located. FRAME also receives financial and logistic support from France's Ministry of Culture and Communication, particularly for projects credited with the "Exposition d'intérêt national" label.

FRAME is a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit corporation with offices in the United States and France. It is led by Co-presidents Elizabeth Rohatyn (USA), and Marie-Christine Labourdette, Director of French Museums , Direction des musées de France, Paris (France).